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This is a brand new session that I was lucky enough to be in town for. Three wonderful musicians were there when I went, but I unfortunately only have the name of the fiddle player (Deirdre Scanlon). They were very impressive musicians, and very welcoming. The pub is beautiful, with the session taking place upstairs from about 7:30-10:30.

I just found out that they’ve shut down the session for the summer, but plan to have it back up in the fall.

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No More Session

I was in Chicago recently, called to see if the session was on, and was told that they are not holding any more sessions at this venue.

Session back on at Fado Chicago

This session is open to all musicians and singers on Thursday nights 7-10pm 100 West Grand (Clark and Grand Ave.)

Bad Session

Go to this one to listen, but not to play. The musicians are not welcoming, trust me.

Status of session

I went there tonight (23 April 2010). I found great fish n’ chips
and wonderful ambience - almost *too* good - I wonder if
Ireland actually has any pubs with that Olde Worlde look any

Well no matter; there was no session. A barmaid told me it
comes and goes - gone at the moment.

Don’t bother

This is a big corporate chain pub with no interest in promoting any facet of Irish culture beyond drinking.

Spoke to the manager

When I was in the area in September, I spoke to the manager on the phone. Indeed, there is no session any more. But, she (the manager, Erin?) sounded disappointed about that. Mentioned that at a couple of other sessions I attended.