Main Street Porch Sessions

117 Upper Main Street, Edgartown, Massachusetts, USA

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Main Street Porch Sessions

We kick off our second summer of popular porch sessions with a pot-luck BBQ/session on the Fourth of July at ground zero for Edgartown’s Fourth of July parade and fireworks; 3pm - on.

The porch session is not quite busking, and not quite a pub session, and is energized by the steady stream of passersby who smile, clap, and dance as they walk by, or sometimes stop and listen for a while, and by the local friends and neighbors who gather on the porch to listen, socialize, and watch the world go by.

Sessions are on Thursday and Saturday evenings from 8pm - 11pm and feature a base of local musicians with a revolving door of Boston guest musicians.

Also, if you find yourself on the Vineyard over the summer and you want to stop by for a tune or want to scare up an impromptu session, give a holler to 617-872-6110 or 508-627-8349.

This is not a beginner’s session.

Hoolie, August 18

Every session is like a surprise party, in a way. I knew that Arnie and Emily were coming over from the Cape, and Mike was already here, and that Susie would be coming, but beyond that, anything could happen. And that’s the fun of a session, especially on the Vineyard in the summer…More, plus photos:

Vineyard Trad Sessions

We’re on our sixth year of sessions here on Main Street, Edgartown. For up-to-date information, please check out Vineyard Trad Sessions.