Nelson Pub Basel

Gerbergässlein 2, Basel, Basel, Switzerland

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19.10.2012 2100

all musicans welcome


Freitag 19. Oktober, 21 Uhr, Quartiertreffpunkt LoLa, Kollekte
freitagsbar+ «Irish Session»
Die Session ist offen und lädt alle MusikerInnen ein, mitzumusizieren. Info: Martin Heeb, 061-535 03 76.

any interesting musicans

please mail me if there are interests to start over
this even regulary in 2014.
THX martin

Friday session in Basel

Looks as if this is no longer happening, but the word from an Irish rugby player in Pickwicks bar (Basel) was to try the Lord Nelson on a Wednesday night instead. Can’t vouch for it myself, I have to leave before Wednesday. But if you’re in Edinburgh any time, try the Diggers on a Wednesday and Bell’s on a Monday after 9pm. Cheers


thanks lads
i did a update 2014

The tradition is alive and well in Basel at the Nelson

I was at the pub this past Wednesday 14 Jan 2015. They continue into 2015 with a session at the Nelson on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. On that night, a chunk of players showed up at around 8 PM, and began settling into the front corner to the left of the door in between the window and a small sound board (which maybe they use for other situations like small rock bands playing, but not in this case, of course). Here’s the pub’s calendar so you can check to see if the session is on according to the bar:

I’m happy to report, the session players were very welcoming, know a large assortment of the usual tunes and a fair number I didn’t know (which of course, I didn’t play along with after all, who likes a noodling whistle player chiming in on tunes s/he doesn’t know). And, some of those tunes I didn’t know were FANTASTIC.

Hard to say how many players - I’m guessing a dozen, or so. There were four musicians who popped over from France (pros who get paid to play on other occasions), and they were super musicians. The rest of the usual suspects - the organizers of the Facebook page and such - were all fine musicians in their own right…and well, downright fun to play with.

Given that I’m here with my family on a one year assignment, you can count on me being at this session so long as I’m in town on those Wednesday evenings.

Re: Nelson Pub Basel

The venue has closed.

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