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Irish House Session

This session happens around 6:30 til 9:30 or so, sometimes later. Watch for our host and chef Matt Murphy singing or on Bodhran.

Wonderful seisiun in a great pub

My wife and I recently visited New Orleans…me for a conference and my wife for the visit. Before the trip, I got in touch with Chef Matt, who was very responsive to my messages. As always, my advice before visiting a new seisiun is to communicate with the leader.

The restaurant is fabulous. Great food with a modernized, upscale twist on the typical American-Irish pub. It was open, bright, and uncluttered — unlike some "chain" Irish restaurants. As Michelin-starred chef and Chopped Champion, Matt serves up superb fare.

But, enough about the food…

The seisiun is open and welcoming, with A-session musicians. Everyone was both open and welcoming to visitors (we weren’t the only ones) with nice conversation between the sets. The music was usually fast-paced, with reels (lots of them) and jigs at the "right" speed. Other styles, such as waltzes and hornpipes were represented, as well as a few songs. There were fiddles, guitars, mandolin, flutes, whistles, a couple of button-boxes and bodhrans and bones. I’m guessing 12-15 musicians overall.

The music lasted to past 10:00 PM, with Chef Matt joining us after his duties in the kitchen were mostly done. If you’re a beginner, you might want to consider listening more than playing, but the group was open to anybody (it seemed) starting sets. Lastly, the audience was appreciative and respectful…something I don’t hear sometimes in other seisiuns.

Thanks for the welcome

Thanks to all for the warm welcome, especially on such a chilly night in January. After living in SW Florida for 20 years, I was especially aware of the cold, but once inside and sharing tunes, it felt like home. I invite each of you to be sure to give me a message if you plan on travelling anywher south of Tampa. Our group meets every Sunday night at O’Hoolihans Pub in North Fort Myers, should be an up to date listing on this site.

Still going strong

The great Irish House session is still going strong! Meets every Monday at around 7, lasts til about 9:30 or so. First drink is free for players. This is a more laid back session—we don’t play anything at breakneck speed and no one stomps their feet on the floor. Anyone is welcome to start a tune or set. Players of all levels welcome. If you’re a beginner, don’t be afraid to join us!

The Irish House is CLOSED !!!

The Irish House closed it’s doors on Wednesday, May 31, 2017