Las Estaciones (Paladar)

254 Amargura, Old Havana, Havana, Cuba

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Session friendly paladar in Old Havana "Los Estaciones"

This Old Havana paladar restaurant (independently Cuban owned small restaurant unlike the bigger state owned establishments) has delicious yet inexpensive food and is session friendly. New sessions Monday and Wednesdays from 8pm-11:30 are hosted by a celtic duo who play Irish small pipes/fiddle/bodhran/whistle. Also gaiteros who play Spanish bagpipes (originally brought to Cuba by immigrants from Galicia and Asturias) perform at Los Estaciones at times.


Congratulations on being the first in Cuba to register a session on the site!! Are there more in Cuba? Such hope for the world if there could be at least one Irish session in every country.

Other celtic music in Havana

I do not believe, as yet, there is another session in Havana. Throughout the year there are other celtic music events. There is an Irish connection to Cuba
In the spring there is a celtic festival and every St. Patrick’s Day there is a concert in the posh Palicio O’Farrill the impressive palace once owned by the wealthy O’Farrill family.

More Havana celtic music links
This is the blog of one of the gaita bands (Spanish bagpipes). The musicians in this band play Asturian tunes and music from other celtic nations; they have a repertoire of some Irish tunes. In their blog the first picture is a performance at Hotel O’Farrill (St. Patrick’s Day)

This summer…

..I will be in Cuba. I’ll try to get along to this session.

Re: Las Estaciones (Paladar)

Sadly, this session is no longer active :(