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Nights of folk music, drinking and shouting.

Every first Friday of the month, The No Frills Band are hosting open, round the table folk sessions.
All musicians and all styles welcome. We play Irish, Welsh, English and Scottish tunes, American old time, bluegrass and western swing, Greek stuff, Turkish stuff, French tunes, Yiddish tunes, East European tunes and Scandinavian tunes, old stuff, new stuff, and probably more that I’ve forgotten. All abilities tolerated. Come and swap tunes and songs, meet people, learn stuff. Or just come and listen to the music. See you in the Grosvenor.

We play from about 20:30 till midnight.

Although a few musicians usually stay after the majority go home, and play into the wee hours…

And furthermore

The session is now entering its third triumphant year.

I see that one of your number play the ‘cojon’. Do you mean ‘cajon’ or I’m I just talking bollox?! (boom, boom!)
May slide down to SW9 with the Vulcan arse flute on 2-Nov-2012.

might see you there ‘yhaalhouse’ man

Went to the Grosvenor last Friday. A well attended, friendly and diverse session. Will def go again (but will get tube SW9 to SW19 next time as cab fares to West of the Wandle tend to be rather inflated!).

There were so many fiddlers on Friday, I couldn’t count them!

I love this session!

Friday 1st of March 2013

Most of the band will be away on Friday, at the funeral of a former band member. The session is still going ahead however, so please feel free to come along and give us a tune.

Only seven sessions to go!

To our dismay the Grosvenor is closing in July 2014, largely due to the gentrification of the area.
We’ll be there every month till then, so if you’ve not been before come and visit our lively and diverse session, in this unique little boozer.

This is very sad.
But I must say, to an older Londoner as my self, "gentrification" & "Stockwell Road" seem unlikely bed fellows!

The third last session at the Grosvenor is this Friday, the 6th.

And it will be mighty!

The session (and the pub) is now closed. :(

The last session in the Grosvenor, was on Friday the 1st of August 2014.

There are some great pictures posted up here,

We intend to carry the session on elsewhere, but at the time of writing I don’t know where. Watch this space…

I hear the session at the Old Dispensary in Camberwell, closed last Sunday too. Sad times indeed.