Slaughter County Brewing Company

1307 Bay Street, Port Orchard, Washington, USA

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Brand new session

New session, under development. It’s a big tap room, basically, for a small craft brewery. Starting time around 6:30; kids are OK until 9 p.m. or so, I think.

The owner wants a real session. Somebody asked about a microphone, and he laughed.

P.s. be sure to check out the web site

There really was a Slaughter County, for a short time. It was named for one Lt. Slaughter, who moved there with his bride, who I think bore an uncanny resemblance to Eric Idle.

Development continues….

It looks likely that sailor shanties and pirate songs will figure prominently in future sessions. Some tunes, though.

Slaughter County Brewing session killed

I hear this one died an early death….