Chelsea Wine Bar

4106 NASA Road 1, El Lago, Houston, Texas, USA

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Thursday nite Houston area session

For several years Houston area’s Thursday session has been at the Coffee Oasis, about 0.4 miles north on NASA Road 1, but that venue was shuttered mid October 2012. At least for now, we have moved the Thursday sessions here.

More about the session

Starts about 8 PM give or take 20 min. An open Irish session, it would be classed as an intermediate session by New England, Chicago or West Coast standards. Eighty percent tunes, a few songs with some very talented singers.

Coffee Oasis has reopened.

Coffee Oasis (0.4 miles away) has reopened as of early Novembr, and the Thursday session has moved back there. If we session at Chelsea, it will be late on a first Thursday, but unlikely this will happen often, as Coffee Oasis is now staying open late enough to accommodate us.

Thursday night session now restricted to Coffee Oasis, now know as the Soho Cafe and Wine Bar

As of 2014, the Coffee Oasis has changed character and names. Now The Soho Cafe and Wine Bar. The Thursday night session is still welcome, since a co-owner is Irish and loves the music. They stay open late enough that we no longer move the session down to the Chelsea at 9:30 PM.

Clear Lake/ Galveston Area Irish Music Session

7:30 Monday’s upstairs unless a private party is scheduled ( email to check).

Originated as the Galveston Irish Session in 1997, that met in several locations between Galveston and Clear Lake. Comprised of local El Lago and surrounding area musicians , and Houston folks willing to trek south to play on monday’s. Chelsea’s is a gorgeous little pub with wine beer and food available, and has kindly agreed to host the return of the Clear Lake/Galveston Area session.

El Lago is a tiny incorporated city within Seabrook and 6 minutes east of the NASA Johnson Space Center. One of the few remaining gems in the areas that is largely as it was during the Apollo era of the 60’s. Several of the musicians live in El Lago and are tremendously grateful to all who have supported the return of this session

Re: Chelsea Wine Bar

The Chelsea Wine Bar session has been resurrected and has moved to Monday nights!
Weekly, starting about 7 pm. Note that the Chelsea is actually in El Lago, Texas, a small community adjacent to the Clear Lake section of Houston, not far from the NASA facility, but it has always been listed as Houston to help traveling folks find it.

Re: Chelsea Wine Bar

Please note:
On rare occasions Chelsea may rent the room on Monday night for a private event, and the session will be canceled.
In that case, the session leaders will post this information on the Houston Irish Sessions page on Facebook on the preceding Friday or Saturday.

Re: Clear Lake/Galveston Area Irish Session

You can also check that the session IS going to happen by emailing the session moderator at the above e-mail address.

Re: Chelsea Wine Bar (Back again)

The Session is back on for Monday evenings, 7:30pm as of April 26, 2021. We are playing on the outside patio,