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5:00-8:00; advanced

This session’s actually been going for at least 4 years, but I’m just getting around to posting it. Led by Laura Byrne (flute) and musician TBD (usually either Billy McComiskey on accordian or Julia Fitzgerald on fiddle).

This session has alot going for itself. It’s in a nice area of Baltimore, a bit more towards the suburban side of things. Very family friendly. The restaurant has its own parking lot, which as much as I enjoy some aspects of urban life, guaranteed parking is a welcome luxury. The restaurant is designed to feel and look like an Irish pub, and it does so in a tasteful manner. Food and drinks are solid. There are TVs there, but they don’t interfere with the session. The only time when the TVs come into play is when the Ravens (Baltimore’s American football team) have a game at 4:00. Doesn’t happen too often, but feel free to check their schedule here if there’s any doubt You can always just contact the pub (or me) if you want to make sure the session’s happening.

Anywho, like I said, it’s just a really nice session at a supportive venue, so definitely consider it if you’re in town.

New Thursday session

There’s now a session on Thursdays from 6:00-9:00 that’s been happening for a few months and appears to be a permanent fixture. Again, it’s advanced and is lead by a rotating cast of the superb locals Laura Byrne (flute), Billy McComiskey (accordian), Donna Long (fiddle), etc.

Still the same supportive venue, friendly musicians, and respectful patrons that I mentioned a few years ago, so feel free to stop in if you’re ever around.

Session on thursdays

Was hoping to bring down the guitar for the Thursday session when I move here full time mid August and get a few Tunes in… What’s the craic is it still going on?

Still Going

Ciaran, to answer your question (and to let anybody else know who’s checking this page), both the Thursday and Sunday session are still going strong.

Re: Ryan’s Daughter

Please note that the Thursday session is no longer happening, but the Sunday session is still going at this point.

Re: Ryan’s Daughter

Unfortunately, Ryan’s Daughter is closing down, so the sessions will be no more. Stay tuned for a new location!