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Finn McCool’s Session

Solid group of sessioneers from 4-7pm. Mostly advanced musicians. The bar’s quite loud, which detracts from the music. There is another session on Tuesdays from 8pm to closing which is quieter.

Still a Tuesday night session at Finn McCool’s in Santa Monica?

I’m coming up to L.A. tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug 17) to visit some friends, want to make sure that there still is a Tuesday night session at Finn McCool’s in Santa Monica.

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Re: Still a Tuesday night session at Finn McCool’s in Santa Monica?

Yes, Michael.

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Just to clarify, the Tuesday night session still starts at 8 PM?

7 - 11 pm.

Sunday Session at Finn McCool’s

This is in Santa Monica, California, and is in my backyard, but I’ve never gone. I did a search here and the latest thing I found was posted in January, and focussed on new players. Anyone have a comment? I thought I’d check it out this Sunday.

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Re: Sunday Session at Finn McCool’s

I haven’t been on Sundays for a couple of months. I thought it had become a closed session, although permission to join in wouldn’t be unreasonably withheld.


Re: Sunday Session at Finn McCool’s

I spoke to someone there, and being closed was never mentioned. I saw mention of that in the older posts, however, so if anyone knows for sure, let me know. I can always call, of course, so I’m mainly interested in comments from those who have gone. Anyone who posted in January about this still around here?

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Re: Sunday Session at Finn McCool’s

Someone once told me about a session where ya had to AUDITION to join!!
Maybe it’s the same one?!

Re: Sunday Session at Finn McCool’s

BTW, whatever happened to that best session contest they held somewhere (was it Clare?) to bring people into town? Who won, anyone know?

Yes there is still a session at Finn McCool’s on Tuesdays nights (8 on) and Sunday afternoons (4-7). Tuesdays’ session is open. Unfortunately space is limited and it’s often crowded. The Sunday musicians are the more advanced crowd, but I don’t think they would turn people away without very good reason. Auditions were never involved. Both sessions are usually very good both musically and socially; good people, good tunes…can you really ask for more?

Yes you do have to audition to play, but i didn’t know that when i was auditioning ;p they just asked me to play a song. anyways, i got in and experienced the wonderful session. best session on the west coast i would say, brace yourself for the speed though, for they do play fast.

death of a Los Angeles session….

Got this in my inbox today….

Sadly, Finn McCool’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica, the home of our happy session for many, many years now, has decided to discontinue the Tuesday night session starting tomorrow, Tuesday, January 9th. Apparently, they will be hiring other entertainment those nights.

The Finn’s session on Sunday’s has been spared but it’s fate is in your hands. If you would like to participate in the session and perhaps host one week a month please join us this Sunday from 4-7PM at Finn McCool’s and keep this session alive. If we don’t have 3 or 4 enthusiastic responses, Sunday will be the very last Finn’s session.

Very sad. Since Monday’s a holiday, I’ll be drinking at the Finn’s session for sure on Sunday night.

Sunday’s session is alive and well!

I was out of town when they took Tuesdays away, but I know Sundays were never in danger. There has always been a solid core group there and it’s still going strong. It’s still my favorite session in the LA area (and I’ve been to them all). Like I said before, "good people, good tunes…can you really ask for more?"

No more weekly session at Finn’s

I’m very sad to say that the owner of Finn McCool’s has decided to discontinue our lovely session in favor of a plugged in band with dancers. This is after we were reviewed in LA Weekly magazine as one of the top ten places to go for music. There were quite a few regulars that came to listen. This session was the best in LA for over 7 years. We’re still trying to see if we can get a monthly session there. I’ll post again when I know if we get to play there again.

Recently a number of the Finn McCool regulars have begun attending the 4-7pm Sunday sessions at the Auld Dubliner, Long Beach, due to the discontinuation of the Finn McCool session.

Tuesday session is alive

I was just there this past Tuesday and the session is active.

Sunday session

I’m thoroughly confused … Is there any Sunday session at all? I’ve played there a couple of times, but that was a few years ago. I’m in town for a Monday funeral.