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The Feather’s Inn

First Sun. of the month. 8.00 - 11.00
Having got low in numbers Oct & Nov 2012 an email reminder list was compiled and at the Jan 2013 session there were 16 musicians producing great music almost non-stop.
Northumbrian, Scottish, Irish, English, Scandinavian and probably other origins were represented.
Great country Inn. Very welcoming. Keep a good bar and often provide high quality sustenance partway through the session.
If you want get on the reminder list let me know.

Onwards and upwards … 24 players on April 7th

As I do a "roundup" after Feathers sessions maybe I’ll post some here.
Here’s an April extract :

Anyone on “the list” keep ostriches ?… ‘cause at this rate we’ll be needing bigger Feathers soon.

Okay so I’m exaggerating a bit but the continued increase in numbers took us up to 24 musicians producing another fine and varied session last night . Gentle melodies from Caroline’s harp, a steady set from Ethan trying his first session, occasional bursts of adrenalin from the likes of Dave and Tommy and much appreciated leads between those mentioned.

Big “thank you”s …
to the 24 musicians who turned up and made for such a great range of good tunes .
to the Feathers team who presented us with hot pie, roast spud, fantastic chutney and more.
(Remember to take your family, friends, wedding parties, business lunches etc. to experience their outstanding foods)
to all those who missed it this time but really intend to come next month Sun 5th May and jostle for the remaining 6 seats!

Tell some friends about a great Feathers way to start the month or week ahead. Chill out with the quieter bits , have a blast with the less quiet bits.

If you want get on the reminder list let me know.


13 sounded good to me …. there seemed to be enough "musical space" in the room to distinguish most, if not all, the instruments and enough quantity (and quality!) of noise made to produce an enthusiastic session. Welcome to Ethan and Keith on their first visits. Hope it wont be their last. Thanks to the other players who help to keep me happy.
Thanks also to The Feathers team who spread out their excellent quality provisions for us again.
Next session Sun 4th Aug.

Still going

Numbers down from the packed (re)start but quality is as good or better. Great acoustic to play in with 6 or 8 musicians.

Re: The Feather’s Inn

Still 🙂

Re: The Feather’s Inn

Still going well. 6-13 players. You’re welcome to try us out.