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Change in Claddagh sessions

Claddagh Pittsburgh sessions have been changed to 8pm-10pm every Sunday. I will update this on the Steeltown Session site. There is also a Facebook page for the Claddagh sessions here:


Time Change for Claddagh Sessions

Sunday session time has been changed to 5-7pm.

Session this Sunday

Just checking. I’ll be in the Pgh. area 1/5/14. Will there be a session at Claddagh this sunday? Is the time still 5-7?

Re: Claddagh Pittsburgh

Is it dead?

Re: Claddagh Pittsburgh

Still active. 5ish until whenever on most Sundays.

Re: Claddagh Pittsburgh

I think this is dead. I stopped by about 2 weeks ago and the staff looked at me like I had two heads when I asked about a session. Are there any active sessions in the area?

Re: Claddagh Pittsburgh

Still active. Leader emails to make sure we have enough players each week. Sometimes it gets canceled but it’s active far more often than not.

Re: Claddagh Pittsburgh

I made it this week and it was small but good. They are not an official activity, just "tolerated" in the words of one participant (the host who seated me said, "Yes there is a group that practices here sometimes on Sunday;" he didn’t seem to know what I meant by a session), so the Claddagh staff won’t be able to tell you anything (the bar in the other room I think can’t even hear the music over their TVs). I took a chance and drove in this week (I’m quite a ways outside Pittsburgh) and there they were.

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Re: Claddagh Pittsburgh

According to their website they are closed now. Too bad.