Claddagh Pittsburgh

407 Cinema Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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Change in Claddagh sessions

Claddagh Pittsburgh sessions have been changed to 8pm-10pm every Sunday. I will update this on the Steeltown Session site. There is also a Facebook page for the Claddagh sessions here:

Time Change for Claddagh Sessions

Sunday session time has been changed to 5-7pm.

Session this Sunday

Just checking. I’ll be in the Pgh. area 1/5/14. Will there be a session at Claddagh this sunday? Is the time still 5-7?

Re: Claddagh Pittsburgh

Is it dead?

Re: Claddagh Pittsburgh

Still active. 5ish until whenever on most Sundays.

Re: Claddagh Pittsburgh

I think this is dead. I stopped by about 2 weeks ago and the staff looked at me like I had two heads when I asked about a session. Are there any active sessions in the area?

Re: Claddagh Pittsburgh

Still active. Leader emails to make sure we have enough players each week. Sometimes it gets canceled but it’s active far more often than not.