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Woodbridge Hotel

Great session. Unplugged and open to everyone but we get some good players here.


Last time I was there (2011?) it was miked-up. Still good though.
Food good too.

It’s a short walk from East Guildford Station, trains back to Perth every 30mins at :34 past and :04 past, last train is just after midnight so you’ll make it home OK if you’re staying in town.

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Unplugged Indeed

Its a great thing. Electricity is no longer being used at this session.

The Woodbridge Tavern

Led by Derrick Buckley. Tunes, songs, great food. Session been going for about 7 years. Good fun. From 7-11pm.

Re: Woodbridge Hotel

Still going. Totally unplugged. Best regular session in town. Great food, great tunes, great craic.

Re: Woodbridge Hotel

Worth going even for the $6 pints of Guinness, a miracle if you know normal Perth prices.

Train information I gave five years ago is still good as of September 2018.

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