Merlin’s Rest

3601 E Lake St, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Merlin’s Rest

This is an open informal session that is impromptu. There is no official start time, but it seems that 8pm is the usual time. They seemed very welcoming of newcomers.

Also, Friday night is kilt/tartan night. If you wear one, your second pint is free.

People usually show up around 9 or later even (8 was the old start time).

Yep, I agree with eltsihw, the unofficial start time is 9:30 but if the pub is still busy (and it’s a small pub) then the start time can be pushed back to later.

Nowadays it starts at 10 usually, goes til 12, and in the summer sometimes much later. Occasionally it starts at 9:30 if people get there earlier and there’s a table. Staff have lately been very welcoming and excited to have us.

Currently the session is still very informal, and welcoming of people of a lot of skill levels, without being extra super beginner. There’s a lot of things that would be termed common repertoire, and some less common things that the regulars just like and play a lot. The bar may have a lot of people in it, but it’s not always painfully loud even when packed, so you can still hear. It’s mostly a younger set of people.

It’s also the hangout of a local highland pipe band, so occasionally one of them will play a set on the pipes. Be prepared. ;)

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There is an intermediate session on Mondays from 7-9pm at Merlin’s Rest except for the 4th Monday of the month. The more advanced session is on Fridays dark thirty or whenever.

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I’ll be visiting in early May, so that Fri "late" night session keeps rolling, I’m down 🙂. I’ll bring a flute, btw.

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Hello! Is this session going on Monday’s? Will be in town Monday night November 6.

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This session is still going strong. Starts at 9:00pm on Fridays and generally goes until 12:30 or 1:00am. It’s an advanced session and usually fairly small but we love out-of-town visitors.