Pub 32 Irish Gastropub

8383 S. Tamiami Trail #108, Sarasota, Florida, USA

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Pub 32

This is a weekly traditional Irish session from 6:00-9:00 PM.


Is the Guinness really $7 for the musicians as well? (Ahhh, Sarasota)

All musicians get the employee discount, 50% off of your food and drink tab!

Hope this keeps going ‘til summer! I’m a whistle player up north for school but would love to join in when I come back down. I’ve been waiting for a session to get started in Sarasota for so long!

We plan to do our best to keep it going into summer and well beyond that! Please pay us a visit when you return to Sunny FL. We look forward to meeting you.

First Pub32 session

Had the first "official" session at Pub32 last night. It was a great craic’ with many great tunes and songs. Many thanks to the 14 musicians who came out to share their talents including a surprise visit from a couple of highland pipers. Also thank you to all the patrons in attendance for supporting this venue. And most importantly of all, a big thank you to Ross and Louise Galbraith, the owners of Pub32, for allowing us to congregate in their establishment and being such congenial hosts and ardent supporters of Irish Traditional Music. Looking forward to another great evening of music next Sunday! Slainte’

Guinness Update

The price of a pint of Guinness is now $6 ($3 for musicians).

Session Format Update

The majority of the music at this session are traditional Irish and Celtic tunes. We also have some very fine singers that have appeared and welcome their contributions to an otherwise "trad" session!

One year on and going strong

We just celebrated the first anniversary of our session on April 7th, 2014. It has been a fantastic year with many memorable sessions, and they just keep getting better! Many outstanding players and singers from all over the country and even a few from overseas have contributed their talents. We have received and continue to receive many compliments from the patrons and the owners of Pub32. And to the musicians who have participated and commented how much they enjoy the session, all I can say is thank you for joining us and sharing your time and talents. Your contribution makes it the great session that it is and has helped grow it into one of the premiere sessions in all of Florida. I’m very excited about what our second year will bring!


Congrats…keep it going!

Hope to visit next January and join you for an evening!


Rich, I am so glad to hear your session is going so well! Obviously there was a serious need for a session in Sarasota, and Pub 32 has made an excellent decision in hosting one — and the session members have been supportive and welcoming, resulting in growth and a lot of fun! My trouble is that everyone in this area seems to have a session on Sunday evening (exception being the additional Wednesday session at Hoolihan’s). Maybe that just works best for everyone’s work schedule, but it sure makes it hard to decide what to do and how far to drive 🙂 Here’s to another year of harmonious success!

Re: Pub 32 Irish Gastropub

Oh, man, this session is so successful that in season you kind of have to reserve a seat…! Try it in the summer, IIRC there are actually openings then 🙂 Congrats to the dedicated Sarasota crew for making this happen and keeping it going! — Heather

Re: Pub 32 Irish Gastropub

Are you still playing sessions as noted above? Would love to join. Am a whistle player and looking to learn new tunes as well. Is there a list of tunes that are standards for this session?
Thanks, Chris

Re: Pub 32 Irish Gastropub

Yes we are, Chris!

Pub 32 Irish Gastropub

Pub 32 Irish Gastropub has had a recent change of ownership and is not currently open for business. Therefore, the Sunday evening sessions at Pub 32 Irish Gastropub are currently on hold until further notice. Thanks and I’ll provide an update when more information becomes available.

Re: Pub 32 Irish Gastropub

Sunday evening sessions at Pub32 are back!! Same time and place.

Re: Pub 32 Irish Gastropub

I am sorry to relay that the management at Pub 32 has chosen to discontinue the Sunday session effective 10/14/2018. Thank you for your interest and support.


Re: Pub 32 Irish Gastropub

Sorry to hear that the sessions at this pub have been discontinued. If the owner ever changes
their stance on this could you please let us know? Thanks.