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The Anchor, Wingham, nr Canterbury

every Wednesday about 8.15 - 8.30. Nice pub in the main street of this small village on the main road from Canterbury to Sandwich. Easy parking outside the pub or in the sidestreet opposite. A fairly relaxed & friendly intermediate session. Further information/directions (if required) from:- - shop hours 01795 590374.

Session move

this session will be back at The George, Stone Street near Stelling Minnis for 4 weeks from next wednesday 3/9/03. possibly a temporary move only so please watch this space.

Session permanently moved

this session is now “re-homed” at the “george” near stelling minnis. i personally liked the small bar and bright acoustic but it wasn’t as user-friendly to the audience as it might have been. the staff were very welcoming and said they’d miss us………

Vashon Island Session

Now on Thursday nights 7.00 to 9.00
All comers welcome

Temporary relocation

having fallen out with the landlord of the “George” at Stelling Minnis, the session has moved back to the “Anchor” (late December 2003) - possibly for a short time, possibly not. Other venues may be tried out…… Personally, I’d quite like a “settled” session - perhaps fewer people in the pub but the regular core of “tunesmiths” seem to turn up wherever………………..all the moves make it rather difficult for other players to find us…………………..🙂

This session has moved

despite the friendly welcome and the nice acoustic, the Anchor has been found to be too small to house us so…..

the Wednesday night session has moved to:-

Ye Olde Beverlie, St.Stephen’s Green, Canterbury
Wednesdays at 8pm
directions from if required

…and moved back to the Anchor

We’re back at the Anchor, at Wingham, Wednesday nights, 8.30pm onwards. Good acoustics, everyone welcome, regardless of capability, provided it’s not a tea-chest string bass or shaky eggs, or insensitive guitar-crashers. Tune-players are especially welcome. You don’t get better without playing along in sessions!

Still Going Strong!

We’re still there every Wednesday night. Suggest you ring beforehand though if you’re coming from afar, as we occasionally miss one around holiday/festival times.
Pete May’s mobile is 07801 667393.

Session still in business

in response to a couple of queries, this session - despite the odds - is still going at the venue (which is around 50 miles from London, whatever it says in the title). a group of around 8 regulars, wednesdays at 8.00pm. strictly trad irish, mostly reels with a few jigs thrown in for variety … 🙂

Broadstairs festival week 8th - 15th august

no session this week - Wednesday 13th - we’ll be frolicking at the seaside! back on Wednesday 20th as usual

Been there!

In this way I’d like to thank, Judy, Pete and all the others for welcoming me at their session on my holiday in England. Can I join you again at Easter holiday 2009? All the best from Belgium and take care;
Ronnie Bracke

The pub is closing down ………

sadly, the publicans say that they can no longer make ends meet so that they will closing the doors for good early in January 2009. it seems quite unlikely that this pub would be taken over by another landlord as there are 2 other pubs in this (quite small) village - and it has been a bit of a mystery for some years how they have all kept going ……..

farewell to the Anchor ………………. and the ghost of Glasgow Linda ……..

Session moved - long since ….

please see the current listing for the George at Molash, near Canterbury for details of the current incarnation of this session - or e-mail me ……………….

Back at the Anchor ….

as from 24th march 2010, the session has moved back to the (newly refurbished) Anchor @ Wingham

I’ve not been myself so I can’t speak for the numbers of musicians or the hospitality but the new landlords are reported as being very nice people

should happen every Wednesday around 8pm

Sadly, it didn’t work out ……….

this session has now ceased to operate
the move didn’t work out well so the various sessioneers have decided to give it a rest for a while