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The Faltering Fullback

Weekly session from 6pm, Irish traditional, open session

A few themed sets to try:

The Gate set: Swinging on a Gate / Pigeon on the Gate / The Green Gates
The Jacket set: The Peeler’s Jacket / The Torn Jacket / Lucy Cambell (never had a jacket)
The Pitchfork set: Sporting Pitchfork / Rambling Pitchfork

A couple more sets from the Faltering Fullback

Far from Home / Over the Moor to Maggie / Hunter’s House
The Cat’s Miaow / The Legacy / The Tar Road to Sligo

Another couple while they are fresh in my mind…

Silver Spear / The Swallow’s Tail / The Boyne Hunt
Miss Monaghan’s / Mulhaire’s

Some more hot sets to try:

Hornpipes: Galway, Wonder and President Garfield’s
Reels: Humours of Glin, Maids of Mt Cisco
Reels: The New Policeman / Palmer’s Gate

Start time is now 7pm

We have moved the start time back to make the most of the sunshine!

We’ve been playing this set quite a bit recently

Speed the Plough/Temperance/Swallow’s Tail
Good solid session tunes!

Now at the Claddagh

We have moved to the Claddagh in Newmarket, Starting at 6pm, still Sunday night.


A couple of hornpipe sets that we play quite a bit:
Liverpool / O’Neils
Tailor’s Twist / Pains of Boyle

Re: The Claddagh

Starting at 6pm again for the winter

Re: The Claddagh

Another nice set:
Bag of Spuds, Sailor on the Rock, Shaskeen

Re: The Claddagh

Summer’s on the way - New start time. 7.00pm as from Sunday 8th October 2017

Re: The Claddagh

I’m an Irish flute player from Brazil, going to NZ in January 2018 to visit relatives.
I’m looking for sessions to play and meet fellow irish trad musicians.
Will this session be happening in January?

Re: The Claddagh

Still going strong - 7pm summer starting time

Re: The Claddagh

The session at the Claddagh has now ended. News of a Sunday replacement coming soon.
Please leave page up.

Re: The Claddagh

Is this session still running?