The Bay Horse

8 Cistern Street, Totnes, Devon, England

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The pub’s website lists the sessions as follows:

1) traditional singing - every Tuesday;

2) traditional open session - every 1st and 3rd Monday;

3) ‘Celtic’ session - every 4th Monday;

4) ‘Eli’s open session’ - every Thursday.

There’s no mention of a 4th Thursday session so is the website out of date?

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My apologies…..4th Monday. (It’s a very new sesh and I wasn’t too sober)

Monday 6th April

Hi - I assume that the traditional open session will be on on the 6th April. I’m staying in Totnes for a couple of days and would like to pop along so what form does the session take?



Bay Horse Inn

An Irish session in a great bar. Every 4th Monday of the month starting around 8.15pm
Just come along if you are interested

Re: The Bay Horse

Sessions are now 2nd Tuesday and 4th Monday each month. Other Mondays at Totnes Brewing Co
See ‘Totnes Irish Session’ on Facebook for updates.

Re: The Bay Horse

Still 2nd Tuesday and 4th Monday at the Bay Horse
1st and 3rd Monday at The Albert Pub in Bridgetown Totnes as of 18th March 2019