Tim Finnegan’s Pub & Restaurant

2885 South Federal Highway, Delray Beach, Florida, USA

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Tim Finnegan’s Pub & Restaurant

Wide range of skill levels. Very welcoming to travelers. Vast majority is Irish trad tunes, but the occasional song is welcome as well.

The venue is also hosting a summer fiddle workshop from 3 to 4 on Sundays. Check “events” for the Tir na mBlath workshop information. After that there will be a “slow session” for about a half an hour. Then the regular session begins.

can you recommend a fiddler?


BainbridgeIslandZookman here. Been playing IRTrad for over 30 years. Tunes, songs, comp. I play zook and know my chunes pretty well to walk into any session. I am looking for a fiddler or fluter or whistler to play with me at a business conference dinner in Miami in November 2013. Any takers? please email me offlist dmahling at acm dot org yes that is org not com.



Tim Finnegan’s Irish Pub

This weekly 4:oo p.m. Sunday seisiún is sponsored by Tír na mBláth, the southeast Florida branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (http://tirnamblath.com). This event is an ‘open’ session meaning anyone who is able to play Irish music is welcome. For our Tír na mBláth seisiún, traditional tunes predominate. Skill levels generally range from intermediate to advanced but beginners are encouraged if they know a complete set of tunes and want to give it a go. Good seisiún etiquette requires not playing if one does not know the tune, and waiting until a tune one knows comes along. Sometimes a song will be sung but these are most often done when the musicians pause from playing tunes and a song is offered or asked for by the musicians.

No seisiun this coming Sunday, December 1, 2013. Instead there will be a pub quiz fundraiser for Tir na mBlath, our local Comhaltas borgling, followed by the Roaring Kelly Ceili Band.

Back to business as usual the following week.

Note: Still going! No end in sight. Things really pick up during snowbird season!

A fine and fun group with musicians now escaping the snow and coming down from Chicago, New York, Boston, and Dublin!

Now on Saturday’s until the end of football season

Session moved to Saturday’s starting time at 4:00pm (ish).

It’s Back to Sunday for the Tim Finnegan’s Session

The Sunday-funday is back as our weekly seisiún has been voted in with Tim Finnegans support. We’ll whoop it up with grand tunes and good times this Sunday beginning around 4:30pm. There’s no finer Irish trad on the southeast coast and that’s fact, not boast!

Temporary Move to Barrel of Monks Brewing Tasting Room

For this Sunday, this weekly seisiún has been moved to Barrel of Monks Brewing Tasting Room, 1141 S Rogers Cir, # 5, Boca Raton, Florida 33487. Start time of 4pm stands.

Back to Tim Finnegan’s

Regular weekly session on Sunday, in the Brian Reagan room of Tim Finnegan’s Irish Pub in Delray Beach, FL. Starts about 4pm.

Tim Finnegan’s Session - GREAT FUN and FRIENDLY

I was visiting from Alaska in March and April and found out about this session thru this website. Great group of people, very warm and welcoming. Had a chance to play for three separate sessions, and look forward to coming next time I’m in South Florida. Jason (fiddle) Bill (banjo) Mary and Karen (guitar/vocals) Emer (fiddle) Cindy Tom and Kate (bodhran) Pauline (piano) and Paddy (box) and everyone else whose names escape me were just great to get to know and really made me feel at home. This is a genuine Irish pub attended by the large local Irish population with great craic great food and of course great spirits!

Re: Tim Finnegan’s Pub & Restaurant

The session has moved up to 3:00 p.m. - ish on Sundays but the pub may have the odd event scheduled inside. Often players will move to the outside patio area if need be.

Re: Tim Finnegan’s Pub & Restaurant

May 2, 2020, update: No session because activities at the pub have been curtailed to food service drive-through pick up on Friday - Sunday only. No other gatherings permitted. Having said that, NBC Today show will feature the Socially Distanced Dinner Club at Tim Finnegans with a band and dancers performing (at the appropriate distance) for drivers in the pick up lane this coming week. Don’t want to miss that. Although the State of Florida has partially lifted the Stay Home order, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties (where the pub is located) are still under quarantine as a third of the population lives in these counties where the Coronavirus has not yet abated.

Re: Tim Finnegan’s Session Back At It

Sunday sessions are back at it at Tim Finnegan’s in Delray Beach. The music starts about 1:00pm and goes until 4:00pm. Most all musicians are now vaccinated but we still wear masks (unless you’re a wind instrument or singing). Great fun! Thanks to Noel and Lisa Walsh, pub owners, for hosting.