Manhattan, New York, USA

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  • Schedule: Tuesday.

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I unfortunately do not know the exact address of the pub, but it’s probably on 3rd or 4th ave, between 3rd and 4th streets. Tony DeMarco is currently running it.

I think it’s 3rd st I know it’s right off the Bowery, cozy place.

Swift’s Hibernian Lounge? Been there once (a year ago mind you) and it did not really seem to be an open session, more a performance with the musicians arranged, somewhat inaccessibly, in a row behind a long table and miked-up. Not a particularly interested crowd of punters the night I was there and the playing was a bit uninspired. But I may give it another go.

Don’t know if the session still exists. I’m pretty sure Tony’s not involved anymore, but there may still be music.

Performance only

Hey all, I was there a couple of weeks ago. Not a session anymore. Just performance, in an uncomfortable space with a sketchy sound system.

Nice assortment of beer at the bar though!

Still going!

I stopped by Swift’s last Tuesday. Tony DeMarco was there and four others. Unfortunately I arrived after the tunes were over but still hung out and chatted for a while. The space seemed fine for a session to me and it is definitely going!

The core group in 2012

Just happened on a mention of this session (performance? dunno, haven’t been) on Christopher Layer’s site, and thought I’d bring this up to date. He says it’s him, Danny Noveck, and Eamon O’Leary.

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