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The Tilted Kilt

As of 8-4-13 we are starting a session at The Tilted Kilt at the south end of Long Beach: 6575 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. The session will be primarily Celtic, but we’ll also do a lot of singing: ballads, chanteys, pirate and a bit of bawdy stuff, with maybe a few good jokes and (short) stories.
This is a session for folks who can play without sheet music, at a moderate (not fast) speed. Parking is free and easy and there will be a free drink (or 2?) and some bar-munchies for players who show up in the first hour. We are planning on playing on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month, 4 to 7 pm, but may move it to Saturdays, or mix it up depending on what works for the majority. New session-players are welcome to sit a bit back from the core-group and quietly try your hand at playing, and then sit in the group when you feel comfortable playing, (please note: that if you aren’t quite up to the moderate speed/ability we may ask you to move back a bit…no hard feeling, ok?)
There is free and easy parking*, beautiful waitresses, a fireplace, a patio, comfortable chairs, incredible assortment of beer….what more could you want?? Come join in!
* (Between Claim Jumper and the UA theater)

PS: If you will be coming to the 1st couple of sessions please email me

PS: If you will be coming to the 1st couple of sessions please email me, so I can give the pub some idea of how many will show up. Thanks, Mike

Tilted Kilt vs Auld Dubliner

Mike, you don’t even mention the nearby session at the Auld Dubliner, which (I heard from a member only two weeks ago) is still going on, on Sundays, and apparently at the same time, 4-7pm. Nothing on this website says that the latter is alternating with your new one, so I presume there is a clash. Could you please have the courtesy to explain?
In any case, I appreciate your detailed description of the intended nature and structure of the session. Such things are always useful.

Tilted Kilt vs Auld Dubliner

Still waiting…… These sessions aren’t far apart, so what distinguishes them?

Session is closed as of 9-1-2013

I had to close this session as nobody showed up after the 1st 2 sessions. Tried to move it to "The Red Leprechaun" in Long Beach but they decided to not host any sessions for the time being.