Oak Tree Tavern

124 “B” 10th St., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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oak tree Tavern

Every sunday between 3-6 pm

Great sess

I’ve played there once. Defs not for wankers/jammers. Beginners who listen and keep up were welcome. Great musicians and the whole pub occasionally breaks into song. Lovely plhost fiddler and banjo/guitar player.

Starts at 4 not 3

Changed start time to 4 from 3.

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Session kicks off about 4pm every Sunday and runs until about 8pm, give or take a wee bit. Friendly players but more of an intermediate/advanced session.

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Hey, I’m pretty new to the Calgary area and am really interested in connecting with the music scene here. Is this session still going on and are there any other sessions around town?

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Still going, Sundays at 4pm, as of August, 2018.

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The Oak Tree Tavern

Wednesdays from 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm, downstairs in the Lounge.

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There are two sessions every week at the Oak Tree, one on Sunday afternoons and another on Wednesday evenings.

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The Wednesday evening session is a closed session. I had a very talented musician friend visiting and when I inquired about coming to this, I was informed we could not participate.

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My apologies Linda, I thought you were asking if you could join the Wednesday evening session on a regular basis. The Wednesday evening session at the Oak Tree is not currently looking for any new regular members, but we are always open to having out of town musicians join us when they are visiting Calgary. Sorry for any confusion.

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Pretty mean, nonetheless…

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^ most sessions have good reasons for not being open. These sometimes include keeping jammers out, or maintaining a level of musical quality, or not enough room, etc.