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Brooklyn Coffeehouse

This will be a monthly session, things should start around 7:30. The next (first) session is scheduled for friday 5/23, if you have any questions contact me & I’ll get back to you.

Brooklyn Cofeehouse

A very good session tonight, the next session is scheduled for June 13 & It will be starting around 7:00. We had a nice mix of songs & tunes, chestnuts & rarer ones too.

Brooklyn Coffeehouse

The next session is scheduled for August 8th at 7pm.

This Friday

Just wanted to give this post a bump & invite anyone in the area up for some tunes.

No more sessions

The Brooklyn closed their doors to the public & is only available for private parties.

More Sessions

The Brooklyn is once again open to the public. I’ve booked a slow round table session for Thursday 5/20. All musicians welcome. I will try to schedule this as a monthly or biweekly session, hopefully with a regular schedule.