Clancy’s Pizza Pub

4624 W. 103rd Street, Oak Lawn, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Clancy’s Pizza Pub

This is a new session which takes place at 7:00 p.m. The pub is located in the near southwest suburbs. The first session was spectacular with Kevin Henry, Malachy Touhy, Mike McGrath, the great John Williams among others in attendance. The session is led by Theresa Shine, is a well-known young fiddler in the Chicago area. The owner is a wonderful traditional singer and whistle player. Tunes ran the gamut from jigs to reels to slides, polkas, barn dances and slow airs. There were a number of great singers as well. This session is not to be missed! The skill level of the session was generally advanced but all musicians are welcome.

Clancy’s for good family fun!

Owner KevinO’Kennedy has established a fine home for Irish music on the southern side of the city. Tuesdays, hosted by Theresa Shine and John Williams, and Wednesdays hosted by Theresa Shine is a welcoming venue for the newer players as well as advanced musicians. These two folks welcome and encourage the sharing of the music with those who have the love and desire to play. Gently encouraging and nurturing the next generation is such a gift for the Chicago area! Fridays are a bit more rocking with host John Williams but still so musician friendly.
The food is excellent! The atmosphere is as if you’ve landed in some small town far across the sea in Ireland. The Publican is a friendly fellow who loves his music and makes sure his patrons are well cared for. Chicago’s newest home for the real deal! I am so glad to have found this place…there are no strangers here only friends who have yet to meet!

Wesnesday session good news

The great piano accordionist Jimmy Keane is currently hosting the wednesday evening sessions along with Theresa Shine. Jimmy Keane has long roots in Irish traditional music and is great composer of tunes as well as a musician of world class stature. Clancy’s is the only venue in the Chicago area that currently has three sessions each week. Clancy’s taps into the long tradition of great Irish music on the South Side of Chicago that spans the era when Francis O’Neill was collecting tunes on the South Side to the present.

Should mention this is a very going session

John Williams hosts on Tuesday, Weds, Friday and Saturday. Great variety of players. Maggie Danaher or Teresa Shine on fiddle. Max on pipes. Any number of other fine visiting Chicago musicians. I am somewhat of of an irregular -John does a variety of skill levels so there is something comfortable for most players. And Kevin can be counted on to sing.

The food is really good and not expensive.