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Olympia, Washington, USA

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Located in the lobby of the old Olympian hotel right outside the restaurant. Session usually lasts from 8pm to just before 10pm. Suitable for intermediate to advanced musicians. There are no set tune list, but many of the ‘standards’ will pop up.

I stopped in here a few weeks ago to inquire about the session, but I got the “Deer Caught in the Headlights” look from the staff on duty. There is no more session here, at least not regularly. Try Tugboat Annie’s on Wednesday nights.

Defunct session

Defunct session.

Olympia Sessions

The current sessions in Olympia as of 2013 are Tugboat Annie’s, Wednesday nights and O’Blarney’s on Tues nights. There is also a floating session that used to be at Balleyhoo’s, location sent out once a month via email. Balleyhoo’s closed down a while back.

Olympia Session as of Jan 2014

Tuesdays - 7 till 10 or so. O’Blarneys Pub - Intermediate to advanced
Weds, 7-9. Tugboat Annies - Beginner to Intermediate

On the 4th Thursday of the month there is a floating session. Quite often it is at the Bread Peddler bakery and restaurant in downtown Olympia. We bring our own refreshments and snacks to share.