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Café de Zaaier

Dutch/Basque/Celtic traditional music session. Every first Sunday of the month. List of songs can be found on the website.

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Now also: Irish trad session every THIRD SUNDAY of the month starting 18 May 2014, 4PM

We play every 3rd Sunday of the Month at De Zaaier.
Jigs, reels, hornpipes, a few polkas and perhaps a song.
You’re invited!

Café de Zaaier

Every 3rd sunday of the month, cosy and welcoming session for musicians of all skill levels (general session etiquette applies). Moments for beginners to play tunes now and then are provided but tunes are usually played intermediate to advanced.

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Can confirm that this is indeed a lovely session. Playing quattre-main on the banjo is tolerated, if not encouraged.

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To be perfectly clear: there are two sessions in this pub.

Every first Sunday of the month:
Any tradition welcome, but the regulars play French, Swedish, Dutch, and occasionally some Irish music.
This being an internationally oriented university town we get the occasional exotic stuff also (e.g. Chinese,
Eritrean, Basque). Website:

Every third Sunday of the month:
Traditional Irish music. Usually nicely mixed crowd with different levels and instruments.

The pub has many good beers, including Guinness on tap, and an impressive collection of traditional jevener (Dutch gin)!

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List of songs link is now dead, maybe it could be updated? Am also curious if there is a plan for the session to return this summer