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Roeder Home

This is a monthly session with three parts. Bellingham Ceili Club is designed to provide two different types of sessions for two levels of players.

6:15 - Learn a tune

7:00 - Slow Session
The slow session is for players who want to play tunes at a slow to moderate speed. At least 50% of the tunes played during the slow session will be from the list of common tunes posted on the BCC web site. If you are calling a set for the slow session, include one or more tunes from this list.

8:00 - Regular Session
The regular sessions are faster paced and usually includes more complicated tunes. Many of the tunes played during this session will be listed on the BCC web site list of common tunes, but more new tunes are welcome.

1st Wednesdays

This session has been lovely! How beautiful is the Roeder home?!
Just an update, the session is on the first Wednesdays of every month until further notice ;)

February Session

Thanks for listing this, Rose! For February, the session will be on the 2nd Wednesday (February 12th). We’ll be at the Mount Baker Theatre in their Encore Room that can be accessed from Champion St. Thank you MBT!

Re: Roeder Home

Is this still going on?

Re: Roeder Home

This session is still active, although the specific format has changed. First Wednesday of every month.

Re: Roeder Home

Hi! Will there be session this upcoming Wednesday, August 4th, 2021? Also, is this an open session? Thanks!