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The Swan and Rushes

A very mixed ability session that varies in numbers wildly from week to week. Some participants come straight from a weekly class which runs in term times at a local school others are visiting sessionistas blown in for a look see. Details of the classes can be found here along with a contact for the session if you look for it.
A mix of music styles including English, Scottish and Irish, nothing too precious or pretentious, kicking off around 9pm.

Sadly it appears this is now a goner

The Swan and Rushes

7pm - slow session (the Red Fox Folk Group)
8.30 - regular session

Mostly English tunes with a handful of Irish, Scottish and other repertoire.

Hi is this a weekly event?

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Re: The Swan And Rushes

A slow session, mostly English box, had been taking place quietly here for a while. Now however the pub has closed and awaits new owners/management, whether they will be as session and folk group friendly will remain to be seen.