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Crocker Farm Winery

Crocker Farm Winery in Franklin, KY (40 minutes north of Nashville, TN) is sponsoring an Irish Traditional Music session each Sunday afternoon from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The session will be led by “Roads To Home” and welcomes all musicians interested in playing or learning ITM. Session pace will be determined by players present. We will also play a few old-time tunes at the whim of those attending. Tune list for upcoming sessions published on web site or email for details and/or directions. Note: If you bring highland pipes (you know who you are,) also bring a large burlap bag!

Crocker Session

I had a large time at my first jam session as the ONLY bodhran player, a little nerve wracking, playing with real people as opposed to playing along with CDs, but the friendly atmosphere helped a whole lot!
Definitely going to go again, and again, … unless they chase me off…. (insert your own bodhran joke and rim shot here)

Hello to the Crocker’s

Wow, a session at the Crocker Farm Winery.
I’m too far away to attend, but I’ll play a slip jig and fondly recall when you lived in central Ky.

William B. Whitt

Ceili at the Winery!!

The Crocker Farm & Winery, and Roads To Home hosted a ceili on St. Patrick’s Day night, and I had a blast!! Special Guests were Plaidgrass, and we did three rounds of music, one with the Roads to Home & crew, then added Plaidgrass, then Gretchen and Tim performed and we enjoyed their music, along with a great meal!!! Thanks to Dan and family for hosting, and frying up the fish n chips, and thanks to EVERYONE who came, and brought sides or desserts. I’ve learned a LOT of tunes in the past three months since I’ve been hanging out, and got to put them into play in front of an audience of friends!!!
As of right now, we’re still meeting at 2pm Sundays in Franklin, KY; check Roads to Home ‘s info on this site, or the website roadstohome .net for updates and info!

St Patricks Day at CFW

Belinda and I had such a great time with every one. The food and fellowship was awesome and all the players did such a great job.
Thanks Bill and Katie for putting the sets together and working with the group to learn the songs. Dale you did an awesome job on the Bodhran and MC ing. Robin and Belinda you guys sounded great and your voices blended beautifully David did a great job on the mandolin and Peggy and Amy played such sweet sounding notes on the violins and Katherine played the penny whistle beautifully. Thanks Dan for all your hard work to make the room ready.
The Artistry of the evening was beautiful and it showed on the faces of all who came.
Thanks to everyone.

Calendar change

During spring planting season, (April - May,) the sessions will be held bi-monthly on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. Check the website for updates.

Change to summer schedule

To avoid conflicts with other Nashville sessions we’ve change our summer schedule yet again. We meet now on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month but may also meet at a few dates in between. It’s best to check our website for time and date of the next session: