Berry Brow Liberal Club

6 Parkgate, Berry Brow, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

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Berry Brow Liberal Club

3rd Thursday is a MONTHLY session, on the 3rd Thursday of each month, apart from August. We promote live acoustic music, song, poetry and story and try to create a warm and supportive environment for performers. All musicians and singers welcome - any level. Admission: FREE. Berry Brow Liberal Club is a relaxed, small and friendly venue.

Berry Brow Liberal Club Session

Hi Cara, good to see another session listed for this area. Please note the map link provided is for a different part of the country! It would help to find the place if the club provided a postcode on its website. Can you also say which aspects of ITM, which instruments etc. a visitor might expect to find at this session?

I’ve updated the address and the map is more accurate now.

3rd Thursday at Berry Brow Liberal Club

Thanks Straysider (and Jeremy).
Re instruments: we usually have an accordion, some melodeons and bodhrans, one or two fiddles, a mandolin, concertina and bouzouki or two, whistle, a good number of guitars - and pipes, didjeridoo and percussion have made appearances in the past!
There are also a good number of singers, unaccompanied and accompanied, and one or two poets.
Hope this answers your question (sorry, I don’t know what ITM means, but am curious to find out!).
NB the postcode is HD4 7NF

ITM at Berry Brow Liberal Club

Hi Straysider, ITM = Irish traditional music maybe? If so, 3rd Thursday doesn’t have a particularly Irish feel, though tunes, songs etc. with Irish connections usually involved and are always welcome!