Tommy Nevin’s Pub

1450 Sherman Av., Evanston, Illinois, USA

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Nevin’s on Sunday afternoon

The session is particularly notable because it is usually chaired by the one and only John William. Often John invites "special guests" to the session to add to the fun. Generally, this is a very open session. John is usually very good about striking a balance between rocking the house down with his own stuff and making sure everyone gets a chance to play. Beside the session itself, sunday afternoon is a really nice time to be at the pub. The crowd is typically family oriented and respectful of the music.

by the way, i should add that the session typically starts around 2:30-3:00 pm and goes to around sixish.

Tommy Nevin’s on Sunday

My twelve year old daughter and I were visiting (from Oakland, CA) family in Chicago in late July.
I found this session on this website.
We both fiddle and had a grand time here. We were made so welcome and got the chance to start a couple of sets. My Dad got to sing. A fine sunday afternoon, so it was.
Brendan’s description above is right on the money.
Thanks for the recommendation.

Nevin’s on a Sunday

I had the pleasure of joining the session at Tommy Nevin’s a few weeks ago while visiting my daughter in Chicago. Great music and a friendly group of musicians who made me feel very welcome. John Williams is certainly a fine and considerate session host and, it was great to play music with my friend Sean again. Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon!

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Now also on Weds nights…

John and Amy hold forth on Weds nights from about 7 pm til 10 when they are in town.
John will often have a "tune of the week" - he brings sheet music for those interested, and plays through it once. The next week, he’ll see if anyone’s worked on it. The group has a chance to pick up tunes from one of Irish Music’s finest educator/practitioners!

Celebrity session

come and bask in The Great One’s Aura. Unless of course you don’t like having your sets hijacked or loathe "who knows the wierdest, most obscure tune in the least playable key" contests…

Visiting Chicago

I stopped by Tommy Nevin’s Pub last Sunday while traveling through Chicago. I was told the session moved a few doors down at a place called "The Celtic Knot". There I met John Williams, his lovely wife and several regulars who were very welcoming. The session started around 3:00pm and went to 6 ish. John had me start a couple of sets. The session was at a nice pace with common enough tunes played. The noise level was low despite several tables of people in the restaurant. The food was excellent and the staff friendly. I will stop in again the next time I’m in the area.

Re: Tommy Nevin’s Pub

I am cancelling this session and will add the current location at the Celtic Knot. I visited this last Sunday, June 27, 2016 and the session is extremely friendly and supportive. One of the flute players, I believe her name is Jeane, told me the session has been at it’s current location for close to a year so I thought I should try to save some people a little time trying to find it with this edit.

I would have preferred that they played more "session tunes" and had a little less conversation but that is my own personal preference. On the whole it is really very charming - just not precisely what I was looking for.