McCarthy’s Irish Pub

1801 Gerrard Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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A fine, intimate little pub

McCarthy’s is a very small pub in Toronto’s east end. The session is usually intimate, too, hosted by Pat Simmonds or Kelly Hood, who live in the area. The pace is largely determined by the attendees; it can be easy going or very advanced.

Session night is now Monday’s from 8 pm.

Tunes available online

Pat Simmonds also hosts a 1 hour radio programme on local UofT radio station 89.5 FM on Thursday nights from 7pm to 8pm. Afterwards you can find him over at playing up a storm at Dora Keogh’s.

But… Monday session tunes.

The Monday session in Mccarthy’s has finished after a fine run of some 6 or so years. (March 2010).

Session still going strong

False alarm, Bill. The session did get shut down for a couple of weeks, but we persuaded Pat to keep it going. I’m there every Monday night that I’m in town, and wouldn’t miss it for the world. Very high-quality tunes, compact friendly place… a winner all the way.

—-Michael B.

This session is now finished