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Byrne’s Irish Pub

7 pm to 9 pm weekly, starting February 18, 2014

Moved to next week due to weather

Due to the forecast for snow and heavy snow all afternoon and evening, the inaugural Session on February 18, 2014 has been postponed until Tuesday, February 25, 2014: 7 pm to 9 pm.

Successfully Launched!

This Session has been going for a month now, and a good time is being had by all: playing music with others is fun. We are developing a crew of "regulars", a sprinkling of folks who show up when they can, and occasional new faces too. New players are always welcome to join us, whether relatively new to Irish tunes or experienced. The only way to learn tunes is to play them as best we can… and someone in the group can usually help disguise any imperfections!

Byrne’s-Brunswick Session Going Strong

This session celebrated its 4th anniversary last month. The Session typically includes 10-16 instrumentalists, one or two vocalists, and an occasional step-dancer. Instruments present often include: fiddle, flute, whistle, concertina, mandolin, guitar, hammer dulcimer, and bodhran. On occasion we have also been joined by a string bass, octave mandolin, accordion, or uilleann pipes.

Anyone familiar with some Irish tunes is welcome to participate. We have musicians at all levels from newer to experienced, and everything in between. All melody instruments will be asked (but are welcome to decline) to start at least one set during the evening, and we will play the set at your tempo. Our goal is to have everyone build their base of experience in a welcoming setting.

We have fun, help each other remember tunes, indulge in occasional punnery, and enjoy an evening of both "old favorite" and "new favorite" tunes.

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Tune List

If you are interested in what tunes are played at this Session, you are welcome to consult our spreadsheet of tunes played:

This spreadsheet is updated roughly weekly, and for each tune contains:
- a link to it on this site
- a link to a close version of the tune on YouTube
- a reference to it in the Comhaltas books (if it can be found there)

This list has been developed and kept to help:
1) new players figure out which tunes are most likely to be played
2) regular players find the tunes they wish to work on
3) all players find new tunes to learn

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Re: Byrne’s Irish Pub

This Session is paused due to Covid-19, but hopes to resume when it is safe to do so. Much will depend on local infection and inoculation rates, but with warmer weather we will hope to play outside initially if our host has space. More news as it happens.

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Re: Byrne’s Irish Pub

Fully vaccinated musicians are welcome to join us playing outdoors from 3-5 pm on Saturdays, weather permitting.

We hope to return to playing indoors on Tuesdays when regional Covid infections have ended, but that has not happened yet.

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Re: Byrne’s Irish Pub

I’m a bouzouki player and singer from Charlottesville, VA. Hoping to join you this Saturday on our way through to Boothbay Harbor.

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End of the season

After a fun summer of playing outdoors at Byrnes, the weather may finally be getting the upper hand. While we may be able to play outdoors on a few more Saturday afternoons at 3 pm, we can no longer commit to it being a predictable thing. We will likely move to an indoor private location until weekly Covid-19 infections decline in our county and state.

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