Tigardville Station

12370 SW Main St., Tigard, Oregon, USA

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Tigardville Station

This is a weekly session for the west side of the Portland Metro area. We welcome players who play or would like to learn Irish traditional music. This is not a strictly a traditional session and we will occasionally play Americana and more contemporary folk music. The primary focus, however, is Celtic. Sheet music is not used but players new to the genre can use music to bootstrap themselves into the session.

The session runs from 7-10pm on every Tuesday evening. Mike and Julie Zamudio are the session hosts. A Facebook group, Westside Irish Music Session, is used to send information to the group.

This session is still going strong.

Facebook group keeps a list of tunes played each week, and notifies of the very occasional cancellation.

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Still operational as of August 2018.

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Could you confirm that this session is still going? Is it open to non-fiddlers? Also, do you know if there are any other beginner/intermediate sessions for Scottish or Bluegrass music in the Vancouver/Portland area? I just moved to the area and play concertina, piano and mandolin. (But mandolin is a new one.) I’m not quite a beginner for Scottish music and Bluegrass music, but have played in sessions for the last couple years that mainly used sheet music. Any ideas would be appreciated! I would love to connect with some other musicians on a regular basis, even if I have to form my own group.

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Hi there!
I don’t check thesession very often, and just now saw your post. Have you contacted us yet through Facebook? (I spend too much time on FB, and will probably be able to reply in a few hours.) Yes - we are still going, and we DEFINITELY welcome non-fiddlers. I’m not too up on the bluegrass or Scottish scene. Contact Tricia Riley at the Portland Scottish Fiddle club - they are mostly (but not exclusively) fiddle, and Tricia knows a lot about the community.
Looking forward to meeting you sometime.

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Session is still going well - January 2020.