Dockray Hall

Great Dockray, Penrith, Cumbria, England

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Moo Bar - MooJam!

1st & 3rd Monday of every month. 8pm - around 11pm

Acoustic traditional session, all welcome, all traditional music & song welcome.

Last Monday’s Session

Friendly welcome and an enjoyable session at the Moo Bar last Monday. Thanks Peter.

Re: Dockray Hall (formerly The Gloucester Arms)

former Moo Bar session now moved round the corner. !st and 3rd Monday (but double check around holidays etc)

Re: Dockray Hall

From Nov 2017, 1st Monday of the month only.

Re: Dockray Hall

Currently closed, awaiting new licensees. Rumour is the re opening could be soon but maybe not with a session?

Re: Dockray Hall

Does anyone know if this is still going? Specifically, will it be happening on Monday 4 October 2021?

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