Sharnford Arms

31 Leicester Rd, Sharnford, Leicestershire, England

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Sharnford Arms 9:00pm til 11:30pm

mainly Irish with a healthy mix of English, French, and Scandinavian tunes and songs - well there’s no scandinavian songs! Least ways, not yet….

Map is incorrect

The Sharnford arms is not where its shown on the map. For a start its shown on the map as being in Sapcote not Sharnford which is the next village. The Sharnford Arms is at Sharnford on the B4144 which joins the A5 by Smokington Hollow.


The map is correct.


Apart from a roaring open fire - most welcoming! - at about half way through the evening the landlord ALWAYS puts on a differing selection of hot foods. Mainly for the musicians benefit and then for the listeners. Musicians drinks are… well you’ll need to come along to find out about those!


The session is always on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Red Lion Session

This session at the Red Lion still runs only some people have moved to Sharnford.

Re: Sharnford Arms

Held on the same night as the session in next door village Sapcote as the result of some Tomfoolery and ego stuff. This is a more popular event but is a hosted singaround rather than a session.

Re: Sharnford Arms

It’s really ruddy irritating that in a place where sessions are extremely rare and the players few and scattered 2 damn sessions are held monthly, on the same damn night, just a couple of miles apart because some little boys have squabbled about who does what with their toys!

Re: Sharnford Arms

I have no idea who or what SteveT is, but as he has never been to the very popular Sharnford session(as far as I am aware) how could he possibly comment on it. We regularly have musicians travelling form Rugby, Corby, Derby and Nottingham to be with us. Such is the quality of players and singers at our session. Apparently (I have just read) there is danger of the Sapcote session finishing due to lack of support. Could that be the reason SteveT is posting ill-informed guff in the Sharnford page?

Re: Sharnford Arms

It has bit the dust now apparently anyway

Re: Sharnford Arms

Yep definitely, “pining for the fjords”. Shame really, there’s not enough round here and the demise of anything is not good. There’s something to be said for inclusive not exclusive scheduling that’s for certain.