810 Waugh Dr, Houston, Texas, USA

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Weekly get together, a quieter atmosphere of playing for yourself and fellow musicians as opposed to an audience.

Sunday sessions in Houston

The Sunday afternoon Houston session had died about 8-10 years ago, after running for some 6 or 7 years. After we were booted from the third straight pub in favor of Sunday Football, we decided to give up on the idea. But now we’re back in business and are quite happy to see a Sunday session going once more. We are grateful to the owner, who is Irish, and loves the music.

Musicians receive a small discount on the beer. It is an open session with a mix of experienced and beginner musician. About 90% tunes, with a few songs in the mix for balance.

So is it Sunday, Tuesday, or Sunday and Tuesday?

Supposed to be Sunday, not sure why it’s listed as Tuesday.

Session times are roughly 4:30-7:00.

Re: Pimlico

Session times are currently 4-6 pm.
Once a month there will be a slow session at 3 pm.
Check the "Houston Slow Irish Sessions" page for verification.