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The Prince of Wales

2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month.
Lovely pub, local to a friend. Not a trad session as such, but billed as "Musicians’ Night" on their website. More a singer/guitarists’ acoustic get-together. That said, I turned up armed with flute and box and, after making discrete and polite enquiries, was warmly welcomed in to the circle and allowed to inflict a few trad tune-sets on the unsuspecting attendees, who were kind enough to allow me to play some more, in between the songs. However, I suspect if a posse of trad players turned up to batter out endless jigs and reels sets it may upset the delicate balance somewhat…..but I could be wrong. Food, such as sausage rolls etc, was laid out for the players, which is always a nice touch. Stuart the landlord is an absolute gem. Interesting variety of real ales on tap. I’m hoping me posting this here will generate a bit of well-deserved interest.