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Lilys bar and Tea room

Sit back and relax with a nice pint, in a warm, cosy and friendly atmosphere, with local musicians playing the best in irish traditional. Hosting weekly sessions all year round and all musicians are welcome. Every Thursday from 10 onwards.

Lilly McGonagles

Hi Seamus,
I was expecting to see Shane Byrne there. He just lives across the street; almost opposite. Shane and I and my two sons Tony and Brian used to play in the hotel on a Saturday night when Martin and Bridie owned it. We were called "Na Buachaillíe" then although I’m sure there are one or two like groups of the same name around since we were on the go. We also played in George’s Bar in Carn, Bernard McGuinness’s Bar in Culdaff and out at Ballyliffin from time to time. I think that was before the Euro - so some time ago. Anyway, so glad to see that traditional Irish music has continued in Malin town. My sister Mary (Friel) McColgan lives over in Bunn in Glengad. You may know her or maybe her sons or her daughters. Anyway, I’m beginning to ramble , so I say goodnight at 7.55pm here in Hervey Bay Queensland Sunday night.
Good luck with the sessions in Lillie’s - I knew her well.
Is mise,
Tony Friel (sen).

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Dear Mr Friel,
Thank you for your comment. The Pub that still remains out of the ones you mentioned is Bernard McGuinesses. Shane currently plays with Conal Haughey and Johnny McEleney in a band called the little ole winedrinkers. Shane’s sister Anne often joins in the music on Thursdays. You are more than welcome to come join us, we are every Thursday all year round.

Wrong dot on map

Address listed may be correct, but it doesn’t appear Lilly’s is located in Donegal town. It’s about an hour and a half north.

Re: Lilys Bar And Tea Room

It needed an extra bit of information.

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Re: Lily’s Bar And Tea Room

That said, there’s a little story that goes along with this discovery. My wife and I were in Ireland earlier in the month for a family wedding (Note: look up " Cork bride mopping floor" in Cork Examiner) and planned to do some sessioning as well. Thinking that Lily’s was in Donegal town, I proceeded to search for the establishment the afternoon of stated session. Not seeing it in the town center I asked a passerby. She was not aware of the place, but suggested we go into the store we were standing in front of. The first attendant was not aware of Lily’s, but immediately led us to the rear of the store where the pharmacy was located. Long story shortened, by the time I figured out we were in the wrong town, half the attendants in the store plus the pharmacist were involved in the search.

Re: Lily’s Bar And Tea Room

Hi there!.
I saw your comment.
Thank you for your response.
Apologies for any inconveniences caused .
I have since updated the information on the Thursday nights in Lily’s bar malin town inishowen Donegal.
All the best.
Seamus noone

Re: Lily Mc Gonagles Bar.

Located in the beautiful village of malin in the heart of the inishowen peninsula, this old style pub has a warm, homly feel.
The Thursday night sessions, started up in 2011, continue each Thursday night all year round. All musicians.
In Lily’s you’re guaranteed great craic, great music and a great pint!