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4 / 59 Hardgrave Road, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Makanan Indonesia

Ukulele Session Brisbane
Session with songs and tunes in keys that suit ukuleles ! Eg. A reel in G or D major might be played in C. Quieter instruments preferred as six ukuleles balance a mandolin whereas a tenor banjo may need forty. 6pm for dinner 7pm for tunes and 8pm for songs. I have composed a jig and reel for those getting started which are inside an octave and nine notes respectively. Contributions in the form of transposing reels and jigs etc appreciated. Please text Brendan on 0412 701 492 with any questions.


We are in Brisbane’s West End just a few doors North of what used to be the Cafe Bohemia. The tunes are mostly traditional from thesession, the songs may be from the Ukulele Club Song Book. Yes we can play the Merry Blacksmith in D, its just if it’s easier to play a tune in another key we do !

Celtic tunes in uke friendly keys

If you are interested in playing Celtic tunes on soprano ukulele I have placed some pdfs in a dropbox called Ukulele Session. There are also two tunes, a jig and a reel which I have written on uke. The ukulele jig ‘2nd of January’ and the ‘Arpa ukulele reel’. Harvest Home in C and Kerry Polka in F etc are examples of what keys work best for uke. They may also be fun for some other instrument players to try such as C G concertina players and violinists Lol.


I tried playing a medieval violin at the session and it wasn’t loud enough to get over the ukes !

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This session is going more towards songs.
There is a ukulele mandolin and classic guitar session starting at Toowong Bowls Club on 25th May 2017.

Re: Makanan Indonesia Restaurant

As the Makanan tune session is now going to the Toowong Bowls Club from 25th May 2017 and the repertoire from now on is modern songs please consider this session has ended.