Sweeney’s On The Park

962 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

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Sweeneys on the park

Weekly at 9pm

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According to their website the session is on Wednesdays now. 8:30-11:30pm

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I was there yesterday (19 May 2018) and the session is on Tuesdays

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As of Tuesday 7 Sep 2021 the Trad Session is back on at Sweeney’s on the Park. 8:30pm start.

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UPDATE 18Sep2021 message from session organisers on Twitter:_
‘Every Tuesday Sweeney’s session @ 8:30pm
We would love to welcome more musicians who enjoy playing Irish music.
So here is a list of some of our sets that we play most weeks ( we do other tunes too!)
1. Donegal, Salley Gardens and St Anne’s reels
2. Kesh Jig, Patsy Geary’s and 10p Bit
3. Out on the Ocean, East at Glendart and Willie Coleman’s
4. Hornpipes- Boys of Bluehill and Harvest Home
5. Waltzes- Mountains of Mourne, Believe Me and Boys of Armagh
6. Selection of Marches
7. Merry Blacksmith, Maid Behind the Bar, Kilmaley, Green Mountain
8. Silver Spear, Cooley’s, Swallow’s Tail
9. Paddy’sTrip, Teetotaller, Wise Maid
* no guitars please ’