Our Town Cafe

245 East Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Our Town Cafe

This session happens the first Wednesday of every month starts around 7:30pm until 10ish. Mainly intermediate but newcomers are most welcomed. Session is run by Kate Semple.

We’ll be taking a break in January and will resume in February. See you all next year!

Is this session still ongoing? Thanks!

Yep still ongoing. Next one is this Wednesday.



Thanks Melany, I’ll be out for the May session!


What’s the schedule for the coming months? Are you still running for the summer (July and August)?

And if so, what are a few tunes I should know first that you regularly play, or should I just show up for the first time?

Hi Alex,

To my knowledge it’s still being run on the first Wednesday of each month… I’m not sure about July as the first Wednesday is Canada Day but I’ll get in contact with Kate. As for tunes, the usual Irish trad top 100 and some Scottish, Cape Breton, and occasional Quebecois tunes.



Hi Melany,

Thanks! While it looks like I could attend this summer, my course load at university might unfortunately conflict from Sept - Dec. I’d love to be able to attend!

After a word with Kate, it looks like July’s session will take place the second Wednesday of the month, as the first Wednesday is Canada Day. So for those of you who can make it session is July 8th.


Re: Our Town Cafe

Sadly, last Our Town session was in May…. as per usual with Vancouver, the business got renovicted.