Mulligan’s Irish Music Bar

Amstel 100, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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Great Session

I’ve been to this a few times over the years and the music is always great. If you meet up with a cracking fiddle player called Seeart, who is one of the regulars, you’re in for a treat. Also shows Gaelic games.


More Sessions.

In Mulligans there is now in 2004 also a session on every Wednesday of a week with an even number, starting about 20:00 h.

The Seeart is Siard.

For more sessions in Nederland you can also look in

All the best, Eltjo.

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Wed session no more

On wednesday there is now a singalong night - no tunes

Sunday session, Mulligan’s

Visited this session last night - great tunes, great musicians. Brought some visitors, all from different countries, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to get there again next time I’m in Amsterdam.

Sunday session

The sunday “open” session no longer appears to be an open session but seems to be controlled by a number of musicians and their friends.

Denis (Kerry)

Sunday Session - open and welcoming

I went in on spec, borrowed a banjo from the array of playable instruments on the bar wall and enjoyed a fine session with a welcoming group of musicians playing to a high standard.
A perfect answer to the aircraft restrictions.

Re: Mulligan’s Irish Music Bar

Visited this very friendly session March 2016. Good session with mixture of world music/ jazz but mainly Irish songs and tunes. Tight fit in small back room so get there early if you want a seat!

Re: Mulligan’s Irish Music Bar

Amsterdam - Sunday, July 9, 2017: Siard still rules on fiddle, great musicians all around, Paul, Mick, everyone was great. Playable instruments are still on the wall (I borrowed a funky Framus banjo), but come early so as not to disrupt the session, you will need to stand up on a chair to retrieve one.

The Sunday session is ‘open’ - but only plan to come and listen, unless you can play a melody instrument at Frankie Gavin tempos. Really great craic!

Re: Mulligan’s Irish Music Bar

Was there last Wed. ev. A good few tunes, mostly songs, sang a few songs myself, incl; one self composition. Most enjoyable. I recommend it to all visitors to Amsterdam. Will return again when I’m in Netherlands.

Re: Mulligan’s Irish Music Bar

We were there about a week ago Sunday, arriving about 8:30 PM. Three top notch musicians were playing at a very high level, lovely but somewhat unfamiliar tunes. Three others (including me) fitted in whenever we knew a tune. Sadly, we had to leave about 10:30 PM, which was when another five or so players arrived. I’m sure the session got even better. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.

Next day we returned with a different friend, whom I hadn’t seen in years. The pub was quiet and no music was happening so the barman invited us to play on our own. We enjoyed trading tunes for an hour or more, and those present seemed very appreciative.

It’s a lovely pub. Highly recommended!

Re: Mulligan’s Irish Music Bar

After some time of running unofficially, the session in Mulligans officially restarts this weekend.

Both of them, actually: the “tunes” session every Sunday starting at 7-8 pm, and “songs & tunes” session every Wednesday starting at 8-9 pm.

Re: Mulligan’s Irish Music Bar

From the website (27/12/2022):

’We have 2 regular sessions a week in Mulligans, including our famous traditional Irish Session on Sunday evening (from 19.00), mainly tunes, and a more open style Session on Wednesday night, (from 20.00), with various songs & tunes, including Celtic, Folk, Pop, Bluegrass, Americana etc. from our regular musicians and some surprising guests !

 ‘We have gigs on weekend-nights: Mainly traditional Irish, but also traditional Scottish, folk, pop, bluegrass, Americana and more. From ± 21.00- 00.00.’

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