Lillie’s Union Square

13 East 17th Street, Manhattan, New York, USA

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Saturdays at 3pm.

I hope to be at this session. Look forward to seeing what is there!

Is this session still running? Will be in New York for a couple of days Fri 20th and Sat 21st November. Is it a session where visiting musicians can join in or a gig to watch? Thanks Pat

Re: Lillie’s Union Square

I went about a year and a half ago. The session was anchored (as opposed to led by the collective musicians), and there was a small circle of about 10 chairs. The level of playing was very high, and with the limited seating, there was a bit of pressure to only sit in if your playing is up to snuff. I got there a little late and had to wait out until a seat opened up. I sat at the end of the bar, right near the session (hovering a bit, waiting for a seat to open), which sometimes is a bummer for me, but the playing was so good, and people were enjoying themselves, so it was a fun scene to watch. Here’s the blurb that Dan Neely, the organizer, writes at the end of his weekly Lillie’s e mails. It includes his session etiquette guidelines with a mix of tongue in cheek and dead-on points:

Lillie’s is at 13 East 17th Street between Union Square Park and 5th Avenue. Two leaders, eight chairs, session happens Saturdays, 3-6pm. Are you an infrequent or first time visitor interested in knowing how to soothe the humors of the Lillie’s faithful? Click here and study up on the session’s dos and don’ts. You’ll be relieved you did.

Ah, actually the “click here” is HERE:

Re: Lillie’s Union Square

Alas, Lillie’s had its last session on October 7, 2017. It will be missed!