Cheam Sports Club

Peaches Close, Cheam, London, England

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Cheam Sports Club Folk Music Session

First Sunday of the month. Upstairs in the boardroom. Bar downstairs. Free entry.
All singers and instrumentalists welcome.
Round the room. Mainly folk but anything goes such as comedy songs, jazz, pop or ethnic. Starts at 8.15pm.

Re: Cheam Sports Club

Hi, I’m Sam. I am a retired teacher and live in Cheam, South London.

I run a session in the Cheam Sports Club on the first Sunday of the month
starting at 6.15pm. (Not 8.15 as previously stated)
It is an around the room affair. When it is your turn you can perform whatever you like. It is not strictly traditional folk. Singers are welcome too.

I also play classical, some jazz and ethnic music.