77 The Promenade, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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Amazing music and talent, every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, as well as day sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

Still active on Saturdays?

What time is the session at on Saturdays?


Re: Dalriada

Friday night session (as of June 2016) is led by two guys who mostly sing songs from late ’60s & early ’70s. They welcome "trad" musicians to join them. Just come prepared to be leading your own tunes when it’s your time to play.

The bar’s signage suggests that Friday is the only night for "trad" but if you enjoy other styles (blues etc) you will find it on those evenings. Saturday evening is for "paid gig" events (not open sessions).

A comment for visitors coming from out of town: consider staying at Straven Guest House (a B&B that is right around the corner from Dalriada).

Friday night session runs 9 pm to midnight.

Re: Dalriada

Was there on a Wednesday, sadly without my flute and with other friends - I hadn’t been expecting the session… Nice relaxed session with a few songs, more tunes, mostly Scottish and/or Irish. Not too many people and obviously knowing each other well. A few songs from members of the public as well, after the session asked for them. Borrowed a flute for one tune, but had to go back to my friends. Will bring my flute next time which could, sadly, be a while since I don’t live in Edinburgh. The flute Player said Wednesday was the main night for tunes nowadays.

Nice location for the pub too, on the waterfront.