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408 Roseville Square, Roseville, California, USA

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The Strum Shop - Learning Circle or Ceoltais & Irish Slow Session

3rd Thursday of the month in Roseville, CA

What is it? A leaning circle (or Ceoltais) is a traditional style of learning tunes. It offers the new person to Irish music the chance to hear tunes played in the style, learn them without concern about making mistakes, and develop his or her ear. In a Ceoltais, unlike a regular session, all players are encouraged to play every tune no matter the tempo, feel free to make mistakes, ask questions, and experiment at trying to find the pitches and rhythms. One will do well to have at least a basic foundation on their instrument. Generally, we start with reviewing tunes slowly, learning a new tune and ending with a slow session. Yes, “dots” (sheet music) are allowed, but the ultimate goal is to pick up new tunes by ear and perform by ear.

How does a “Slow Session” work?
The slow session gives everyone the practice of leading a known tune and having everyone join in and play by ear. The tempos are appropriate for new learners.


We play in a Celtic band in Grass Valley, would love to come down. Would showing up with a bouzouki be ok? My wife plays fiddle, she is a classically trained violinist and would love to hone in on her play by ear skills. She is a great reader of music. (I also play hammered dulcimer and bodhran)

Sturm Shop Roseville

My apologies for taking so long to get back to you. I only just found your message. Here’s my email for faster responses

You are welcome to join us with your bouzouki, hammer dulcimer, fiddle and of course the bodhran during the slow session part of the evening.

Hope you get this sooner than it took me to get back to you.

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This session’s meetup link originally give here is defunct.

The Strum Shop’s own calendar has slow session on the second Thursday of the month, starting at 6pm.

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Irish/Scottish Music Learning Session

Third Thursdays at 6pm
We are a learning session for beginning to intermediate players of various traditional and non-traditional instruments to learn and develop our ability to play new and familiar Irish and Scottish traditional tunes, and learn the etiquette and various techniques needed to participate in a traditional Irish session. We are all learning together and welcome everyone, but intermediate/advanced players who have a great deal of experience with Irish sessions, or who are experts with their instruments should bring their patience and be willing to support new players…

From the shop’s website (Jan. 2023).

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