112 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

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What time/Christmas schedule?

What time does it start/end and will it take place on December 22nd?


It’s every Monday evening from 8 to 11 — roughly (we are talking Irish time here). I imagine it will happen as usual on Dec. 22. However, I am not officially tied in with the bar or the players. I would check with O’Connell’s closer to the time if you need confirmation.

In DC for a few days in May

and this seems to be the most convenient session, unless you advise otherwise 🙂. I’ll be in a tradeshow, so night time is what suits to me.

Re: O’Connell’s

How’s about the coming Monday, MLK day 15 Jan 2018?

open session at Daniel O’Connell’s in Alexandria, Va

I will be in Washington and would love to play in a session. Is the Monday/Wednesday session at Daniel O’Connell’s in Alexandria an open session?

Thank you

Re: O’Connell’s

My understanding is that it’s a closed seisiun, frequently featuring Brendan Mulvihill, Josh Dukes, and others of that caliber.

Re: O’Connell’s

Is it possible to get involved in the O’Connell’s Monday night session these days? Cheers.