Garryowen Irish Pub

126 Chambersburg St, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

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Garryowen Irish Pub

Open session 1st Sunday each month. Host: Dan Diviney,

Venue takes good care of the musicians. All levels welcome, mostly beginners & intermediate attending.

South-central PA session

We need a few more folks coming to this session (see listing under sessions).

Nate Ryan; Greg Rohrer; Erica Young; Kay Strosnider; & Dave Pedrick are all close enough to make a drive to Gettysburg - hope to see you some 1st Sunday, 2-5pm. Others? All are welcome.

Re: South-central PA session

Oh, Garryowen Irish Pub is the place.

Re: South-central PA session

I might just, Boe’s closed up down here in Frederick, so I’m looking around for places.

Garryowen Irsh Pub

I was there a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, on a Tuesday, so no music. Very nice place, though. Full bar. We had a great dinner, the staff is really excellent. Looks like the perfect place for a session. I’d come if I were closer. Good luck!

Re: Garryowen Irish Pub

Their website now shows a traditional Irish seisun every first and third Sunday, 2-5.