The Black Bear Pub

1177 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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The Black Bear Pub

Every third thursday of the month. Slow session of irish tunes, songs, and pipe tunes. Sheet music available.

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Re: The Black Bear Pub

Session is open to all, especially beginners wanting to find an opportunity to play along. The evening typically comprises of a number of folk/drinking songs (Whiskey in the Jar, Molly Malone, The Old Dun Cow, etc), a few pipe tunes (Royal Scots Polka, Hector the Hero, Highland Cathedral, etc) and numerous trad sets, which is more of interest to those here. Later in the evening a little Johnny Cash and Cracker, etc will probably slip in…

Most of the trad tunes we play are available here on Many of us are music readers and learnt the tunes as printed from here, so feel free to print them out yourself and bring along the dots to play.

Reels: Cooley’s Reel / The Wise Maid / Bird In The Bush
Hornpipes: The Boys of Bluehill / Harvest Home / Cronin’s
Reels: St. Anne’s Reel / The Sally Gardens / Drowsy Maggie
Jigs: Da Fields o’ Foula / Garster’s Dream / Da Brig
Slides: O’Keefe’s / The Road To Lisdoonvarna / Merrily Kissed The Quaker
Reels: Cycling in the Rain / Pissing on the Compost / Basel on the Threshold (Lynn Valley Set)
Jigs: Geese In The Bog / The Connaughtman’s Rambles / Out On The Ocean
Jigs: Kid On The Mountain / Morrison’s Jig / The Leitrim Fancy
Jigs: The Blackthorn Stick / The Lilting Banshee / The Blarney Pilgrim
Reels: The Silver Spear / The Rossmore Jetty / The Star Of Munster
Slow Air: Neil Gow’s Lament for the Death of His Second Wife
Reel: Whiskey Before Breakfast
Reel: Give the Fiddler a Dram
Hornpipe: King of the Fairies
Reel: Catharsis
Reel: The Red Haired Boy